Monday, June 29, 2015

Gold Wash Plant Manufacturing - New Wash Plants

Gold Wash Plant Manufacturing - New Wash Plants
At Bear Creek Placer, LLC we partner with Yanke Machine Shop, Inc. to provide high performance, affordable wash plants. Each wash plant is designed with off the shelf components to handle various tonnage of material. Each plant can be built to your custom specifications depending on the environment criteria of your mine.

These plants are virtually "plug and play", minimal assembly required and they can be shipped overseas in a standard sea container. They are designed for commercial mining, are simple to operate, and are low maintenance. (receive more information)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wash Plant For Sale - used, $39K

Can be used with gas or electric motor

CONDITION: Good tires. Wired for towing. New hitch.  

MINERAL: Set up for fine gold recovery.  30-40 YPH.

SPECS: 13,000 pounds (aprox).  29' long. 5hp electric motor with new switches works fine providing power. CASE gas motor included, 4 cylinder, but not running.

FEATURES: Vibrating hopper feeds into vibrating catch tray that feeds into your sluice box. Two screens: 1" minus and .25" minus. Plumbing works well; 4" pipe runs length of trommel with sprayers - .25' hole - throughout, including in the hopper. 
Just add you sluice boxes, vibrating grizzly, and conveyor then you have a fine gold operation with clay or muddy gravel.

Located in Montana and ready for immediate pickup.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SOLD >>>>> Rock Crusher For Sale - Impact Crusher

Stedman 2 Stage, Type A, 20 x 18

- 20 x 18 refers to rotor and hammer ratio - measurement.
- Perforated screen - 1/4 inch on bottom can be switched to bars or whatever size screen fits your operation.  
- 4,500 pounds (aprox) weight

Great impact crusher on slag, gravel, ore, or glass.

Call today (406) 530-9712.  More Info - Click Here.

- Hopper is about 10" by 20" and you place larger hopper on that.
- Engine is not included. You attach engine appropriate to your crushing material on this unit.
- Hammers are 30-40 pounds crushing power.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prospecting for Diamonds

Prospecting for Diamonds
We found a really nice 2.5 ct Diamond on this island with hand sampling. I decided to bring the 10" dredge to a channel just offshore. The river currents on big rivers is stronger than you would guess.

To keep the recovery barge and the dredge secure we sunk concrete barrels for anchors and they worked perfectly.

We spent a month offshore here while we prospected for Diamonds. Working in remote reaches of the world always has its challenges. Visit my web site for more information.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bulk testing in some hungry ground

Bulk testing in some hungry ground
Les is looking a little bit disappointed. We were doing a bulk sample of some promising gravel we were interested in and it turned out to be a bust.

Placer mining is not always a home run by any means. It is a way of life that is a lot of hard work and hope. One thing for sure is we will have a lot of welding and repairs which is part of the mining program.

You always have to have a couple of irons in the fire with mining. You just never know what is going to be a bust or something really promising. And then there is always the price of gold fluctuating. Lets hope the gold price stays up!!!