Friday, September 4, 2015

Grade control of your gravel

Another satisfying gold prospecting experience - tallying the gold

My brother Les is tallying up our days gold take on one of our projects in Montana. We always keep a clean and organized cleanup area. The metal topped table is always imperative for easy cleanup of spills   or mishaps. We always pour gold bars from the accumulated fines right on site. Usually within one hour, we know exactly what the value per cubic yard of material we washed from the previous shift.

Keeping grade control of your gravel along with the associated yardage count will keep a handle on what values you are recovering every shift. Remember to keep samples of the associated minerals on the property you are mining and pay close attention to these for any changes in number or morphology as these could help you in discovering a rich pay streak. Remember gold is usually deposited intermittently across the floodplain and keeping a close eye on any anomalies could help you find richer portions of the deposit.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Always be studying your bedrock for any anomalies!

bedrock pay gravel
I was down on the bottom of a trench checking the bedrock a few years back.

It always very important to keep a close watch of the ever-changing bedrock conditions. Subtle clues of the geology and geomorphology and recognizing these changes increases your odds of being a successful  placer miner.

Anytime their is a geological structure change, chances are you are going into a gold drop zone.
The structural change may basalt, sandstone or other geological  anomaly, always pay close attention, you may be in a good paying section of pay gravel!! #mining

Monday, August 24, 2015

Finding old World War Two warbird crash sites, a hobby I love!!

adventures and fun
Another one of my hobbies and I have done this for many years is looking for old world war two crash sites.

I found this B-17 f bomber many years ago and made a trek back to check it out again and still found some great treasures.

I love to search  and I usually find what I am looking for. What a blessed life I have had.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wire Gold In Montana

Wire Gold In Montana
This is a beautiful piece of wire gold we found up Hughs Creek. Of course it looks like a C and Christi my fiance is now the proud owner of this one of a kind wire gold nugget!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mining bug of the week from Venezuela

Mining bug of the week from Venezuela
This is a picture I took of the largest bee I have ever seen.

This is a tarantula bee from the jungles of Venezuela. These bee's have evolved into such huge insects because their prey is so big. The stinger is an easy half inch long. These animals live in a burrow in the ground.

When one of these starts winding up to take off, you can hear them from a long way off.

I caught this one by putting a jar over the hole in the ground that they live in, and that is how I captured him. Only two to the burrow was the norm but when ever you started seeing many of these, the number of big tarantulas also went way up. Just more excitement for #mining bug of the week!!!